National Farm Machinery Show 2019

2019 National Farm Machinery Show Logo

The 2019 National Farm Machinery Show has now come and gone. This farm show is hosted in Louisville, Kentucky every February, and is attended by people from all over the world including Canada, Australia, South Africa, and even China. It is a show that we at Lankota look forward to every year. Being the largest indoor farm show in the USA, there are thousands of different exhibitors offering a variety of different products. Exhibitors can bring their most popular products for display, and even unveil new products that many have not seen before. Lankota is no different. Along with us bringing some of our staple products like the Stalk Stompers®, Unloading Auger Clutch System, and Shark fin, we brought our new Tractor Hydraulic Single Point kit that has really hit the ground running and has a massive interest among farmers.

Hooking up your planter, drill, and other implements can be a battle all its own. With the Lankota Tractor Hydraulic Single Point kit, getting into the field is a much easier and time saving job. Lankota offers 2 port, 4 port, and 6 port single point blocks. If you are looking to hook up 1 to 3 SCVs, all you need is one block. You can also get a combination of 2 different blocks for 4 to 6 SCVs. These blocks are connect under pressure, so no more fighting with hoses that did not get unhooked properly. Lankota makes brackets to mount up to 2 blocks right on to a quick hitch, between your 2 point arms, and even directly to the frame of certain models of John Deere® and Case IH® 4WD tractors.

While at the farm show in Louisville this year, we talked to many farmers who were really excited about the Tractor Single Point kits we offer. One in particular was Brian Brown. Brian is a Farmer/YouTuber from Ohio who runs Brian’s Farming Videos, a YouTube channel showcasing daily farm life activities to educate others on what farmers experience year to year. Brian was very impressed with this product and asked if he could interview us and include it in one of his videos, which we happily agreed to. Here is a link to the video he created of the National Farm Machinery Show, he included us in the video at 1:50.

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

2018 Photo Contest Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Lankota Photo Contest!

1st Place:

BJ Cott
Thunderstorm Ahead

Thunderstorm Ahead

2nd Place:

Katherine Plessner
End of Day Rewards

End of Day Rewards

3rd Place:

Megan Breugger
Day is Done

Day is Done

Put Your Feet Up

Lankota JD Footrest

As a farmer/operator, putting in the long hours in the combine is a reality; but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. When you run for long periods of time, it’s natural to rest your feet on top of the brakes and clutch. You may not notice it, but you’re likely exerting just enough pressure to cause unneeded wear.

That’s why Lankota designed a durable footrest designed to diminish the leg fatigue and cramping associated with spending your days and nights in the cab during harvest. Due to the overwhelming success of the John Deere® footrest (LANJDFR120), we now have a version for CNH® combines. The LANFRCIH190 is made for Case IH® X120 series, 7010, 8010 and X230 series (non-common cab) combines and New Holland® CR90XX series (except CR9090) combines. This handy, but almost necessary, accessory easily installs in minutes using the existing bolts from the steering column.

Alleviate wear and tear on your brake and clutch system with the Lankota footrest for your John Deere® or CNH® combine and take a load off your feet. Contact your local implement dealer today.

Steve Lang | Lankota Sales

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!


The busy harvest season is slowly ending for yet another year. For Lankota, this time of year is viewed with mixed emotions. Everyone is tired and truly ready for a break, and yet not having the adrenalin rush of the constant ringing of the phone and the freight trucks waiting in the parking lot is a big letdown.

With any luck at all and a bit of help from Mother Nature, this break will be short lived and Lankota will be a buzz again with the Red Devil snow blower line. The Red Devil snow blower line, which Lankota purchased around 10 years ago, has been around for some 30 years or more. Lankota still provides some parts for the older blowers such as drive shafts, cutting bars and other high wear parts. Currently, Lankota manufacturers and distributes skid steer and 3-point snow blowers ranging from 4 feet to 9-foot blowers. The top selling blower is the 9-foot 1,000 RPM blower. New, in 2018, the optional chute extension for the 9-foot 1,000 RPM blower has been added. The 3-point snow blowers have optional hydraulic chute and deflector control, while the skid steer blowers the hydraulic chute and deflector comes standard. Consistent with Lankota’s philosophy, all blowers are in stock and ready to ship. Give Lankota a call to day for more information!

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

A Well-Oiled Machine

Well-Oiled Machine

There is no doubt that Lankota is upon its busy season. Every year, usually around late July to early August, things crank up a notch or two. The number of sales calls increase significantly, creating a domino effect in the assembly and shipping departments as product is shipped out the same day orders are received. Sales techs are not only busy with those phone calls all day, but also are attending dealer combine clinics, and showcasing products at farm shows.

Sales technicians, Steve Lang and Rob Sonne, have been traveling to dealer combine clinics from Manitoba, Canada to Kokomo, Indiana, and everywhere in between! Many equipment dealers host combine clinics every year to help their customers prepare for the upcoming harvest. Topics usually covered are service tips, wear parts, integrated solutions, and even features on the newest combines and headers. Lankota fits in perfectly with these topics, providing innovative, quality products that improve efficiencies in time and dollars.

Many John Deere® and Case IH® dealers contact Lankota every year to be a part of the combine clinic. We are more than willing to attend and discuss our products with farmers and the dealers. Lankota will set up a booth of the most popular kits for that geographic market. Farmers are welcome to ask any questions they have about our products. We can even give a short presentation about Lankota and our products, to inform everyone on what we have to offer.

Harvest season can get a little hectic at times! But we know what to expect and are always ready for the challenge. Everyone works together like a well-oiled machine. If you would like to see Lankota at your combine clinic in the future, give us a call, we would love to attend. And, be sure to look for us at the Farm Progress Show coming up at the end of August in Boone, IA!

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

Farm Progress Show

Farm Progress Show logo

We are getting ready for the biggest outdoor farm show in the U.S. Lankota will join over 600 exhibitors displaying new tractors, combines, implements, parts and attachments, seed and crop protection products, and hundreds of ag supplies and services at the 65th Annual Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa on August 28th through August 30th, 2018.

Lankota is looking forward to this year"s event, where we will have a new outdoor space in Lot 546. This new booth allows us to showcase our header trailers, outfitted with corn heads, to demonstrate the Lankota Stalk Stomper® Systems. We also plan on displaying a John Deere R Series or a CIH Magnum or Quad Trac tractor outfitted with the Lankota front mount Stalk Roller or Stomper System. The Lankota tent will feature many of the well-known product offerings, along with new developments like the Lankota Monitor Bracket System and Lankota Corner Cubby, which provides many different mounting options designed to save space in the cab. Be sure to stop and see us in the southwest quadrant of the grounds, Lot 546 at the Farm Progress Show!

It is also prime time for combine clinics. If you would like us to exhibit at your dealership combine clinic, please let us know – we would love to be there!

Steve Lang | Lankota Sales

Enterprising Business Woman

Enterprising Business Woman Trophy

"This dynamic business woman has achieved substantial success in her business and community. This woman is a small business owner and has a minimum of seven years in business; demonstrates outstanding skill, commitment, and accomplishment, while successfully navigating obstacles; influences, mentors, and encourages others."

In April, Marvie Tschetter-Grossman was notified that she, along with 13 other business women from across the state of South Dakota had been nominated for the prestigious award of "Enterprising Business Woman" on behalf of SD CEO (Center for Enterprise Opportunity). The SD CEO provides business assistance and training to current and aspiring entrepreneurs, from start-up to expansion, to foster economic development in South Dakota.

The nominations were submitted by parties unknown to the nominees. The nominations and those that nominated the individuals were then reviewed by a panel of affluent judges across the state of South Dakota. A month later, May 11, at the Celebrating Women in Business luncheon in Spearfish, Marvie Tschetter-Grossman received the award.

I am extremely grateful for the journey I have been blessed to travel in my life. I know that, at times, my family, especially my parents, wondered about whatever would become of me. I realize now that has all become part of my story and has helped form me into the woman, professionally & personally, I am today.

With a background in Family Therapy and Business Consulting, the past 14 years have been spent in Huron, SD as President of Lankota. Starting in the family garage in Yale, South Dakota, with two products, the company is now international with an 80-page catalog filled with innovative Lankota products, manufacturing and distributing products in a 95,000 sq ft facility.

For many years, I did life, as a business consultant and an entrepreneur, not much grass grew under my feet. In the past 14 years, my sons and work were my priority. Those efforts have had amazing returns, and I am not talking financial. I have the joy of working with my sons, Lance & Dakota, every day, as well as my daughter-in-law. Lankota has survived the initial start-up challenges, the ag economy fall-out, and we are expanding internationally. As such, I have traveled to Australia and most recently, South Africa. The real joy of working at Lankota, however, has been the people. I have enjoyed mentoring and training the upcoming Leadership, including my sons.

My business experiences have allowed me to coach and mentor others in many ways, from the informal telephone call from a friend asking for advice to Junior Achievement, to the classroom of millennials looking to be strong leaders.

In the past three years, I have become more intentional about life and how I am going to write this next chapter. Over the course of the next few, and I mean few, I will be backing out of Lankota to get out of the way of Lance & Dakota, as well as the Leadership Team. At the same time, I am building my own Executive & Life Coaching Business. I enjoy serving others and helping others reach their potential. That’s part of my story and who I am. And I have to say, I have never been happier than I am right now.

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

Prepare for Sticky Situations

Tow Cable Kit

It's spring. It's still wet. But it's time to work. Are you prepared?

You've heard the stories… the four-wheel-drive tractor is stuck in the mud, someone hooks up to the front end to pull it out and before you know it, you have half of a tractor. Literally. Sure, that's extreme, but you definitely run the risk of damage to your equipment using this method.

Don't wait until you’re stuck, protect your investment with our full line of tow cable kits. The heavy cable attaches to the front drawbar pin, snakes under the tractor and hooks over a bracket installed on the front for easy access when you need it. You then have towing leverage at the heaviest point of the machine for more effective – and safer – extraction.

We offer a line of tow cable kits for John Deere 9000, 9020, 9030, 9R, and 9RX series four-wheel-drive tractors as well as Case IH® Steiger four-wheel drive and Quad Trac tractors. Kits include a 1¼" cable, guides and all the mounting hardware you will need to install.

Avoid a sticky situation and visit your local John Deere®, Case IH®, or Agco® dealer to get a Lankota tow cable kit installed today.

Steve Lang | Lankota Sales

Building Relationships

Canadian Flag Red Leaf

Once every year in the spring, Sales Technician, Robbie Sonne, makes an annual trip up to Canada. In this two week long trip he visits with John Deere® and Case IH® dealerships all across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan has been dry most of winter, and has got hardly any snow. However, on March 5th, a week before Robbie left for Canada, the whole area received almost a foot of snow! It made the drive interesting to say the least.

The focus of this trip has several goals. At Lankota, we pride ourselves in top notch customer service. By getting some one on one time with our dealers, we can see what problems they face, what they are looking for in products, and see how we can better ourselves to help them. Shipping products up to Canada can be a big expense. One of our goals for this trip was to find a warehouse for our products. With a warehouse in Canada, our dealers and farmers would likely see a drop in freight costs and delivery time.

This trip also gives us a chance to talk about stocking options, our presence at dealer hosted combine clinics, and new products we have released over the year. For example, an increasing number of John Deere® Flex Drapers are being used in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Over the past year, Lankota released two new kits for John Deere® Flex Drapers: the Shark Fin and the Bean Saver Brush Kit. These two kits sparked a lot of interest with our dealers, and they believe these products are a must have.

Also, while talking with our dealers, we have come up with some new products ideas for both Case IH® and John Deere® equipment. Follow us on our Social Media Platforms for releases on new Ag Driven Innovations.

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

What's Going On at Lankota?

Old Man Winter

What is going on at Lankota during the winter months? These are the months that we take advantage of stocking up our inventory for summer and fall. We are working on getting the shelves full of our most popular kits such as the grain dividers, auger extensions, stalk stomper® shoes, bean saver brush kits, tailboard spinner plates, and many more. Putting these popular kits on our shelves now means Lankota can deliver on their goal to Ship the Same Day Lankota Receives Your Order, if that order is received by 3:00 pm for UPS deliveries or 12:00 pm for freight deliveries.

The winter months are also the time the Product Development Group and Engineering are busy in the development of new products to be prototyped in the upcoming season. Lankota is always looking for farmers interested in collaborating with us by installing new products prior to release for testing purposes, and utilizing those products for an entire season. When developing new products, Lankota' s mission is to identify products that save farmers time and money; in these challenging economic times, this is more critical than ever.

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

Think Spring with Lankota Stalk Stompers®

Planter Stalk Stomper

That’s right, stalk stompers aren’t just for harvest time. Lankota offers a variety of Stalk Stomper® and Stalk Roller options for many popular combine header brands, and a line for John Deere® three-point planters as well.

The Lankota Stalk Stomper® for three-point corn planters will smear last year’s residue before it can cause excessive damage to your transport / drive tires. The simple, rugged, abrasion-resistant material design installs in minutes and will allow for years of continued performance. The LANPSJD100 kit fits John Deere® three-point models including, but not limited to, 1705, 1710, 1725 and 7300.

The Stalk Stomper® kit for John Deere® 9RX, Case IH® Quadtrac and New Holland® Smarttrax tractors will hydraulically raise and lower, and has an integrated tow cable storage hook with up to 42' wide, ⅓' AR200 abrasion-resistant replaceable shoes. We also offer a complete line of stalk stompers® for John Deere® 4WD tractors with different tire configurations.

The Lankota Stalk Rollers for John Deere® 8R series and select Case IH® tractors are a unique alternative to save wear on tires of tractors, planters, grain carts and any other piece of equipment that may travel over treacherous stalks. They have independent roller travel and hydraulic lifts.

Prepare for spring field work with Lankota Stalk Stompers® and Rollers that provide year-around tire protection and residue breakdown. Check them out here on our website, or talk to your local John Deere®, Case IH® or New Holland® dealer for more details.

Steve Lang | Lankota Sales

Cab Monitor Bracket System

Cab Monitor Bracket System

Brady Teveldal (Product Development) and Jesse Horstman (Lankota Engineer) have been developing a new and improved, never before seen on the market, monitor bracket system for tractors, sprayers, etc. cabs. Currently they are finalizing details on the new product for the John Deere® CommandView Cabs, but then will be moving on to different equipment and other makes and models as well. This new design really allows the equipment operator to put the displays WHERE THEY WANT IT TO GO, not just WHERE IT CAN GO. This allows for the best possible views through cab windows, puts the display controls within reach of the operator, and keeps the cab as organized as possible.

With more and more aftermarket planter system displays (row cleaners, down pressure systems, row shut off, etc.) being added every year, finding the best possible way to view their information while still being able to “operate” in the cab is a headache. Make sure you are following the LANKOTA FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages as we will be revealing these new products in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

Brady Teveldal | Sales & Product Development


Expanding Business

The financial impact of Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum:

If U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead with sweeping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, it could lower profits for companies making everything from pickup trucks to canned soup, or result in higher prices for consumers. Trump has threatened a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum, without exemptions for any countries.

Domestic producers of steel would make more money, while domestic consumers of steel would make less money,” said Steve DuBuc, a director at consulting firm AlixPartners’ automotive and industrial practice, noting that U.S. steel makers will “have increased pricing power” as steel imports become more expensive. And because most aluminum is imported, costs would rise.

Appearing on CNBC on Friday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said tariffs would have a “trivial effect.” He said the one ton of steel used per vehicle, at $700 per ton would have little impact on vehicle costs. Buckingham Research Group analyst Joseph Amaturo wrote that tariffs could add $300 per vehicle, and cited Ford and rival General Motors Co (GM.N) being at risk for a bite to their profits.

According to a JP Morgan analysis, the threatened tariffs could dent Caterpillar and Deere’s fiscal 2019 earnings per share by 6 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

From Lankota’s perspective, we have had to make some quick and gut-wrenching decisions to ensure we have steel on-hand. To keep things in perspective, raw material (steel) is a fraction of the Bill of Material costs. Labor and Benefits are the most significant factors that impede competition in the market place, here and internationally. US citizens demand a higher wage and benefits, individuals from other countries do not. This a challenge that cannot be looked at from a singular point of view. However, it is one that the Leadership of Lankota is very mindful of, as it is affecting our bottom line.

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

National Farm Machinery Show 2018 - Recap

National Farm Machinery Show logo

Sprouted from humble beginnings in 1963, the once tiny National Farm Machinery Show has grown to become the nation’s largest indoor ag trade show. Situated on 27 acres, the show hosts 300,000 people and features more than 800 exhibitors including Lankota.

We are always excited to be at the show, and this year was no exception. As usual, there were big crowds and great foot traffic with lots of new product introductions from many vendors. Producers had high interest in many of Lankota’s useful products for their farm equipment, new and existing. There was a lot of discussion on our brush kits for the flex draper and platform heads, along with the shark fin. Many customers with our Stalk Stompers® and auger extensions commented on the superiority of our products versus others on the market. It is always good to hear comments from people who have used our conversion kits to make older heads or combines work with newer ones. If you didn’t get a chance to see our products at this show, make sure to visit us at one of our dealer clinics this year, visit our website, and/or talk to your local John Deere® or Case IH® dealer about what we have to offer.

Don’t miss next year’s show - mark your calendars now: February 13-16, 2019. See you there!

Steve Lang | Lankota Sales

Iowa Power Farming Show

Iowa Power Farming Show

Lankota was well represented at the Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines, IA. Robbie Sonne and Steve Lang, Lankota Sales Technicians, had the opportunity to talk to a large number of farmers and local Lankota dealers. The Shark Fin and Bean Saver Brush Kit for John Deere® Flex Drapers were a huge hit. There were great comments on how well these kits worked for this last year’s harvest, and sparked additional interest for this upcoming year. Another new product that was introduced was the Bean Saver Brush Kit for John Deere® auger platforms. Another product that drew a lot of attention was the Lankota Foot Rest. This fits any John Deere® combine model from a 9400 to an S690. Not only does it fit combines, but it fits a few different John Deere® Forage Harvesters and Windrowers.

Lankota would like to thank everyone for taking the time to stop by our booth at the Iowa Power Farming Show. We appreciate your business and interest in the Lankota products. If you missed us in Des Moines, Lankota will be at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, February 14-17th! If you have a chance, stop by booth 7003 and check out the Lankota Bean Saver Brush Kit. We look forward to seeing you!

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

National Farm Machinery Show 2018

National Farm Machinery Show logo

Lankota is ready for the trip to Louisville, KY for the National Farm Machinery Show! We look forward to this show every year. This is Lankota’s opportunity to showcase what new products are being released at Lankota and to see the new equipment being released by the OEM’s like John Deere® and Case®. A few of the new products Lankota will have on display are the Shark Fin for Case IH® and MacDon® Flex Draper heads, Mud Scrapers for John Deere® STS combines, Bean Saver Brush Kits for the John Deere® flex heads and the Gang Buster Removal Tool for John Deere® air seeders. If you are headed to the National Farm Machinery Show, make sure you stop by to see Lankota at booth number 7003, from February 14th to the 17th.

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

The 700 (Series) Club


With the release, and beginning delivery of the John Deere® 700 Series corn heads, Lankota is fitting up our Stalk Stompers® to confirm there are not any major required changes we need to make to our kits. We have fit up a 708 (non-folding), which bolted on perfectly with only a tiny change to the two end brackets. We will also be fitting up a 712 (folding) with our popular hydraulic kit the very near future, and do not see any major differences that will require significant change to that kit either. We are looking for more 700 Series heads as they get delivered, so please contact Lankota if you are interested in Stalk Stompers® for these new heads.

If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at Lankota's new Hydraulic Folding Stalk Roller system for Case IH® and John Deere® MFWD tractors.

Brady Teveldal | Sales & Product Development


Expanding Business

It has been said that "The entrepreneur is that of an endless challenge seeker. Once their small business is humming along, growth is the next exciting challenge."

Exciting, yes, but at the same time expanding makes good business sense – building better brand recognition, building value in the business, offering a wider range of products and services to a larger geographical market, and creating an economy of scale.

Expansion was on Lankota’s radar for 2017 and will be on our radar for 2018. We are continuing to look at the International market for exporting Lankota products to those countries where there is opportunity to establish solid relationships with existing businesses to promote our product line. We are also looking to expand with different products that may seem a bit out of the box but are adding value to a unique, niche market. Both approaches allow Lankota to capitalize on existing fabrication & assembly assets and talented team members to maximize these opportunities.

The risks and rewards of expansion must carefully be considered by any business. As Peter Drucker has said, "Where ever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

"Stalk" Us on Social Media

Social Icons

Here at Lankota, we love to keep in touch with our dealers and customers as often as we can. With today’s many different social media platforms, it is easier than ever to do this. The following are different platforms that we use, and what we like to post on them.

Lankota has one main Facebook account. On Facebook, we keep everyone up to date on any upcoming farm shows or combine clinics Lankota is attending. Any new products that we develop are posted on Facebook as well. We also have a monthly “Faces of Lankota” post, where we highlight different employees and what their role at Lankota is.

Twitter is another platform we use. Our Twitter handle is @lankota_sd. We post a lot of the same things as we do on our Facebook page including, new products upcoming events, and also post a lot more pictures of where we are on the road, and what is getting built in the shop. Robbie also has his own Twitter account @LankotaRobbie. On this account, he provides technical assistance to customers as well as shares new and upcoming Lankota products!

Lankota also has a YouTube channel under the name Lankota Group. This account focuses on product installation videos, and also showcases new products. We have just recently released a video showing how to set a Lankota Stalk Stomper correctly, and also created a video about some great new products for John Deere® flex drapers and auger platforms. There are more videos in the works right now; subscribe to our channel to see them when they are released!

As well as all of these great media platforms, you can live chat with our great sales technicians on our website! On the bottom right corner of the website, click on the “Live Chat” button to talk to any of the Sales Technicians or Accounting.

As always, if you don’t have access to these great tools, give us a call directly at 866-526-5682. We would be happy to talk to you, and answer any questions you have!

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

Lankota Shipping

Shipping Box

Lankota takes pride in packaging products for our customers. Unfortunately, occasional situations occur where the shipment that arrives at the customer’s door looks nothing like the way it did when it left Lankota.

LTL Freight can be the biggest challenge when the package is shipped with multiple freight carriers. At Lankota, freight shipments are always on pallets; most of them custom made to fit the item that is being shipped. All items are fit within that pallet size to avoid anything hanging over the edges, which helps to prevent damages. Freight orders are secured to the pallets with either steel banding or shipping wrap, or both.

Before signing, it is important to inspect freight when the freight carrier drops it off at your dock. Signing for a pallet before inspecting it tells the freight company that the pallet is intact, and that no product is damaged or missing. Both freight and parcel shipments should be inspected before signing for them! If the package is damaged, or product is missing, that information can be stated when signing the shipper’s paperwork (i.e. Bill of Lading). Taking pictures of any damages is also vital. The picture(s), and noting the shipment was damaged on the paperwork, will help the customer and Lankota rectify the situation sooner than later.

Lankota is always willing to help with any situations of damaged or missing shipments, but would like assistance from our customers to ensure these damaged goods are addressed promptly by inspecting shipments before signing.

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales


Tilt Frame Core

Lankota's Tagline: Ag Driven Innovations

What does that mean? How does that affect how we conduct ourselves at work, how we do our job? What do our customers see? What do our competitors see? How do others see us?

For the past 16 years, Lankota has had three primary goals:

  1. Ship the same day the order is taken.
  2. Deliver at a competitive price.
  3. Make a quality product.

Those goals have served us well and brought us to where we are today. But as we look at our newest moto – "Ag Driven Innovations" and at the marketplace, it is obvious we need to take another look at our primary goals; goals that will direct our future within the marketplace from an intention driven mindset. These new goals should take us to the next level and stretch us, without abandoning all that we have learned and attained thus far.

The first goal to be considered is “Excellence”. It must be the standard for everything we do at Lankota. This refers to quality, customer service, fabrication, assembly, accounting, human resources, the Leadership of Lankota, etc. This must be the mindset of everyone who works in any capacity at Lankota. Lankota Excellence surpasses ordinary standards by every measurement and indicator.

The second goal to be considered is “Growth”. Lankota has proven that even in challenging economical markets, we are sustainable. However, it is not enough to sustain. It is critical that as increasing costs, both direct and indirect, are incurred that Lankota must grow. This must be a process of intentional growth with clear goals established with measurable outcomes. With those goals in mind, a game plan as to how those goals will be reached, with Excellence, must be consciously developed and implemented.

The third goal to be considered is “Impact”. Lankota continues to grow a positive reputation in the after-market agricultural industry. This has been through word of mouth and due to the quality and innovative products developed. Now is the time to leverage that reputation and make an “Impact” on the market with a definite strategy for product awareness, networking, marketing, and other key strategies. We cannot forget who our customer is and why we are in business. How are our products “Impacting” the farmer and how do we communicate this to the world?

With these goals in mind, the model behaviors for team members of Lankota also change. The expectations become greater. For the goals of Excellence, Growth, and Impact to be reached, team members must demonstrate Initiative, Collaboration, and be driven to be Results Oriented. These attributes must be part of the Lankota DNA of every team member to ensure Success, not only for the company but for the individual team members, as well.

Each member of the Lankota team must demonstrate a readiness and willingness to get things done; to be a problem solver and to take responsibility for action. This is done in a cooperative manner with other individuals, between departments, possibly even outside the walls of Lankota, all working together to deliver results: Excellence – Growth – Impact.

As we begin to plan for next year, keep in mind the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

Harvest Across North America

Tilt Frame Core

It’s that time of year again. Harvest has started, or is starting very quickly, for many farmers throughout the US and Canada. We thought we would share a few conversations we have had, from people in different areas of North America, about the weather conditions and how harvest is going.

Just north of Mitchell, South Dakota most guys are finished up cutting silage and have started in on wet corn. We had one customer just finish up an 80 of wet corn last thursday which had been hailed on earlier this summer. The corn was running 147, which is decent for the area, especially after it’s been hailed on. Over this last weekend Mitchell received anywhere from 3-5 inches of rain so everything is at a standstill. Cooler weather this week has slowed everyone down from getting back into the field. Many guys around the area haven’t started in on their beans, which are mostly ready to go.

East of us a few hours in Glenwood, Minnesota, they are in the same boat as Mitchell. They received 4-5 inches of rain over the weekend, stopping guys before they were able to start getting out into the field. No reports on any yields, but they are thinking it will be an average crop for the area.

Around Assumption, Illinois it sounds like everyone is in the field. Throughout the summer the area was getting plenty of rain. Around August 21st it stopped raining and hasn’t rained since. They are having near drought conditions, with burn bans popping up in different counties around them. Soybeans in the area are running mid 60s and corn running anywhere from 130-180.

Up in Kelvington, Saskatchewan they are about half done with harvest. Most of the barley and wheat are already out. They have had rain for the past 10 days, so there isn’t a lot of equipment moving right now. Guys are hoping to get back into the field this next week. There is still a lot of canola to harvest and a few oats.

In England, Arkansas farmers are finishing up with harvest. The area had caught rains all the way through August, and has been dry for the past 3 weeks. Harvest has gone smooth without any rain delays. Soybeans have been running from 70-80 bushels an acre and corn has been around 220.

Feel free to give us a call and tell us how your harvest is going, we would love to talk with you. Also, please check out our website, or give one of sales technicians a call to see how one of our Ag Driven Innovations can help you finish out your harvest season.

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

14 Years Ago...

Lankota Van

Lankota is in our 14th year as officially doing business as a family owned business – straight off the farm. I remember, because we were so busy growing Lankota and farming, I didn’t have time to buy Lance, the oldest son, a 16th birthday present. In a last-minute effort, I picked up a T-Shirt at the local Runnings store that actually said “Runnings” on it and presented it to him while we were packing parts the evening of his birthday. Needless to say, he wasn’t impressed. And I was embarrassed. But here we are today, Lance is now in charge of making the parts and Dakota is overseeing the packaging.

There have been challenges through these 14 years, undoubtedly; finding the right people, finding the right partners in terms of bankers, attorneys, and insurance companies, finding the right balance of marketing and sales, and of course, the ups and downs of the ag market. Yet, today, with all the challenges, Lankota is standing strong when others in the ag arena have struggled.

What has contributed to our success? There are certain areas that have helped us maintain and sustain:

  • Clarity. A clear vision of what Lankota is, what market we serve, with what type of products, and how we are going to serve that market is always front and center.
  • Energy. The average age of the team at Lankota is under 40, without me, of course. I skew the curve. Having a young team creates a high level of energy. Take that energy, the combined intelligence and experience, and it forces everyone to be on their A-game.
  • Excellence is the Expectation. We know who our competition is and it is a force to be reckoned with every day. In every way, we need to be out performing and delivering results.
  • Productive for Profitability. It is one thing to be productive, it is another to realize that being productive enhances the bottom-line. Every team member needs to understands how they play a part in the over-all picture.
  • Being a Company of Integrity and Influence. Whether it is internally with the team or externally with vendors, customers, or the community, it is Lankota’s intention to do business with integrity and continue to grow as a company of influence.
  • Be Courageous. As entrepreneurs, that may just be in the DNA. But if growth is a part of the vision, then courage is a must. The world is a chess board; growth is just a matter of strategy.
  • Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

Combine Clinic Season

Tilt Frame Core

It is that time of the year again. Dealers from across the nation are starting to host combine clinics for their customers to help farmers prepare for this year’s harvest season. LANKOTA is ready to help!

Over the course of the next few weeks the Lankota Sales Team will be traveling to various dealerships to assist with combine clinics. Currently we have upcoming combine clinics in Indiana, Minnesota, and Nebraska, with more locations filling up every week! During these combine clinics, Lankota also offers onsite training courses for dealership sales, service, and parts staff on all Lankota product! If your dealership is hosting a combine clinic or even an open house for your customers, and would like us to attend your event, please contact the Lankota Sales Team.

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales


Tilt Frame Core

While Lankota is stocking up shelves, there are always one or two parts that Lankota can never get enough of. These parts hardly ever sit on the shelves for more than a couple of days. Can you guess one of the parts I am talking about? One is the Lankota Contour Master Tilt Frame.

For this product Lankota relies on getting the old frames back from dealers and farmers. Lankota takes the old frame and retrofits it into a new one. Our very talented welders replace the hooks on the top to the new design and beef it up to make it work for attaching to newer series heads.

Lankota will purchase any old frames off a 00, 10 or 50 series combine for $425.00. Give Rachel a call at 866-526-5682 if you have any of these laying around and are ready to make a little profit from them.

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

Ag Driven Innovation


Here at Lankota, we strive to develop products that fit the needs of our customers. At a farm show last year, we met with a customer who wanted a different take on our combine hitches. He wanted the swiveling function of our LANTH910 hitch, but didn’t think it was necessary to have the telescoping function as well.

In 2017, we are now introducing the LANTH620 combine hitch. The hitch swivels to 3 different positions for left-hand towing, center-line towing, and folded against the rear axle for transport and avoiding straw build up on the hitch. The hitch can be attached with either a bolt-on pin style hitch or pintle hitch. Another Ag Driven Innovation from Lankota that will save you time, save you money, and make harvesting go a little smoother.

Robbie Sonne | Lankota Sales

Gearing Up

Dealer Clinic

What’s happening at Lankota?

The Lankota Sales Team is gearing up for the busy season to hit this July. As a team, we will be attending farm shows, hosting dealer clinics and attending combine clinics at dealerships.

We are looking forward to being at the Farm Progress show, in Decatur Illinois, at the end of August. We had a great time there two years ago and are excited to get back there.

Lankota is hosting a dealer clinic on location in July, during which we invite dealers to enjoy a day of learning about Lankota products. Dealerships may also invite us to attend combine clinics that they host for their farmers. We enjoy attending these clinics, because of the one on one time we get with dealers and local farmers in that area.

Fabrication and warehouse employees, here at Lankota, are busy getting the shelves stocked up for busy season, making it possible to ship the orders the same day they are placed.

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

The Shark Fin


Lankota has teamed with David Wilson, a farmer/inventor from Greensburg, IN who originally designed and built The Shark Fin 600, which helps eliminate crop loss and build up under side draper belts on John Deere® flex drapers. The steel, fin-shaped device bolts to a John Deere® flex draper head in front of the center feed belt. The fin protrudes up and slightly over the center belt and effectively prevents the side belts from throwing material across the center belt to the opposite side belt roller where it can be lodged under the return.

Since Lankota has started to market The Shark Fin, the company has had several draper owners tell them that in wheat and soybeans, especially in tough conditions, stems would often get caught under the side belts and sometimes cause the belts to plug. It’s a simple idea, and it solves a problem that farmers are having. Virtually every product that we make, was developed that way.

Lankota is always on the lookout for new innovative products that, even though they might be simple, will definitely help a farmer save time or improve planting/harvesting.

Brady Teveldal | Sales & Product Development

Canadian Visit

Lankota Van

Monday, June 5, it is “wheels up” for Robbie Sonne, a Sales Technician with Lankota. Robbie will be heading north to the Ontario providence to visit John Deere® and Case IH® dealers. Expeditions like this are a key part of Lankota’s customer service approach. By staying in touch with our customers and with the agricultural market, we know how to better serve them.

The biggest thing we can do is listen to our customers and answer any questions or concerns they may have. And meeting their needs is a top priority for Lankota. Although we could do this over the phone, developing the personal relationship, putting a face with the voice, is very important for developing trust and belief that we are going to do what we promise. Lankota has built their reputation on this promise, whether that be shipping same day, building a quality product, or being cost competitive.

Lankota has coined a phrase for these road trips as “Milk Runs.” How did that come about? Well, when in generations past and milk was delivered to the home each morning, who knew the family better than the “Milk Man”? It is Lankota’s goal to know our customers and what they need, thus the “Milk Run.”

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

Lankota Expanding Footprint in Australia


Two header manufacturers, one in western Australia and one in eastern Australia, have been loyal customers of Lankota products for many years. Lankota is excited to visit eastern Australia in early May of 2017 and finally meet with some of these friends they have been doing business with. Marvie Tschetter, President & CEO, and Brady Teveldal, R&D & Product Specialist, at Lankota will also be visiting John Deere® & CNH® dealers, as well as some larger farmers in the area between Brisbane and Melbourne. This area is some of the highest producing crop ground in Australia. Teveldal has been told that the landscape in this area is similar to that in the mid-west of the United States. The equipment, combines & headers, used in this area of Australia are also similar to what is found in the Midwest of the USA. The Lankota team is intentionally working on expanding product awareness and exploring opportunities that may exist internationally. Australia is a great place to begin this process as there is already a strong base to build from.

Marvie Tschetter | Lankota President & CEO

Spring Fever!

Spring Planting

Lankota has more to offer than just combine and header adapters. Lankota also provides kits for spring field work. For many, spring field work can mean getting in the field as soon as possible. This can mean fields are in less than ideal condition. In those situations, Lankota offers tow cable kits for John Deere® and Case IH® 4WD tractors. Lankota can help the farmer out of those “muddy” conditions with a tow cable kit. Lankota offers tow cable kits for 9000, 9020, 9030, 9R and 9RX series John Deere® tractors and many different models for Case IH® tractors.

Lankota will be able to help anyone that has a larger tractor and smaller implements to get those spring jobs completed before planting season starts. New to Lankota is a category 4 to 3 drawbar pin conversion. The best part about Lankota’s pin conversions is that they install and remove quickly without any tools needed! Lankota offers category 5 to 4 pin conversion as well, which can be used on John Deere®, Case IH®, New Holland® and other tractors with category 5 drop pin drawbar. Let Lankota be your tractor accessory supplier this spring to help get all jobs done to make planting 2017 easy on you!

Rachel Miner | Lankota Sales

2016 Photo Contest Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Lankota Photo Contest!

1st Place:

Katherine Plessner
Evening Harvest Glow

Evening Harvest Glow

2nd Place:

Jonathan Whitford
Home Farm Stretch

Home Farm Stretch

3rd Place:

Katherine Plessner
Mt View During Harvest

Mt View During Harvest

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Meet the Tschetters of Lankota Group, a multifaceted fabrication and warehouse facility that distributes more than 600 products worldwide from its doorstep in Huron. The business' drive to deliver solution-based, after-market products for farming equipment and machinery was born in 2001..." read more

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